Getting Trump from 1,237 to 1,600

The difference between 1,237 and 1,600 isn't 363; it's the difference between the Republican nomination and the White House. A Trump victory in November may require anti-Trump conservatives to board the Trump train, but already a number of pundits and Republican politicians have vowed not to support Donald Trump.  According to The Hill, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is proposing a third-party challenge to Trump.  The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol has come up with a few names that might fit the bill.  The Hill also lists radio host Glenn Beck, former congressman Ron Paul, Erick Erickson, political strategist Liz Mair, and former governor Tom Ridge, among others, as those who will not vote for the presumptive nominee.  On Wednesday, George W. Bush and his father said they had no plans to endorse Trump.  An aide to Mitt Romney says the failed presidential candidate will not attend the Republican National Convention in July.  Ditto for...(Read Full Post)