Ben Rhodes admits administration lied to sell Iran deal

Ben Rhodes is perhaps the weirdest foreign policy adviser in the history of the White House.  His path to his current position as deputy national security adviser for strategic communications was, as this New York Times profile informs us, "perhaps not strictly believable, even as fiction." Forget his title.  Ben Rhodes is "the single most influential voice shaping American foreign policy aside from Potus himself," according to the Times.  What makes that so bizarre is that Rhodes has no background in foreign policy at all.  He was a failed short story writer who wandered into the orbit of Obama aides almost by accident and served as a speechwriter during the campaign. But he helped the administration identify friendly reporters and nonprofits who could be counted on to carry a completely false and misleading "narrative" about the Iran deal. And it worked. John Podhoretz: The storyline they peddled was that the...(Read Full Post)