Talking about abortion is hard to do

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump found themselves in the middle of an abortion debate.  Frankly, it's impossible to talk about abortion without both sides unleashing the political equivalent of nuclear weapons, as Camille Paglia wrote this week: The real issue is that U.S. politics have been entangled and strangled for far too long by the rote histrionics of the abortion wars, which have raged since Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that defined abortion as a woman’s constitutional right under the 14th Amendment. While I am firmly pro-choice and support unrestricted access to abortion, I have been disturbed and repelled for decades by the way reproductive rights have become an ideological tool ruthlessly exploited by my own party, the Democrats, to inflame passions, raise money, and drive voting. This mercenary process began with the Senate confirmation hearings for three Supreme Court candidates nominated by Republican presidents: Robert...(Read Full Post)