What could be John McCain's last campaign will be his toughest yet

John McCain will turn 80 this August, and there are signs that the 4-term Senator will be in an uphill race for re-election. The so-called "Maverick" who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2008, has tried the patience of conservsatives in Arizona for more than a decade and it appears that a combination of factors could very well lead to his defeat in November. The Hill: "This is a very tough challenge, probably the toughest race that he's faced since he was first elected,” Kolbe added. McCain’s path to victory is complicated by the likelihood the GOP ticket will be headed by Donald Trump, who has an overwhelmingly negative rating among Hispanic voters, a powerful and growing electoral bloc in Arizona. Trump has scheduled three events in Arizona Saturday with an eye on the winner-take-all presidential primary Tuesday. He will campaign with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose get-tough approach to illegal...(Read Full Post)