Trump's electability problem could drive delegates to nominate a Kasich-Rubio ticket

Before I get a million messages from Trump's supporters saying that I'm part of the establishment or trying to steal his nomination, let me say this: Trump will be the nominee if he gets 1,237 delegates on the first or any other ballot. Beyond that, let me assure his very passionate supporters that I will support him in November. Also, I am not part of any conspiracy, nor did Governor Romney suggest that I write this. My mission is simple.  I am just a voter who wants to defeat Hillary Clinton and keep a GOP Senate.  I want to support a candidate who will do both. As of today, Mr. Trump is not that candidate: 1) He loses to Clinton in the RCP average.  She is up 9 points against Trump.  Cruz is in a dead heat, but Kasich is up 5! I hear from Trump's supporters that these polls don't mean anything or that President Carter beat Governor Reagan at this point in 1980.    I was there in 1980 and remember that poll...(Read Full Post)