Raúl to BO: I've got a few minutes Monday morning for you!

Raúl Castro did not greet President Obama and his family at the Havana airport on Sunday afternoon.  For the record, President Gerardo Machado did meet President Coolidge during the presidential visit of 1928.  Castro also met the pope and other heads of state who have visited the island, such as President Hollande of France.    In other words, Raúl can get a ride to the airport if he really wants to go meet the visitor! Castro made a couple of points about President Obama and the U.S.-Cuba relationship by staying home on Sunday afternoon: 1) He does not respect Obama. 2) It was Obama, not Castro, who was desperate to make this trip happen. We've been asking a simple question for months: what's the point of this trip?  We got the answer on Sunday.  It was President Obama who really wanted this. Jeb Babbin got it right yesterday: Obama will tour the Potemkin constructs of Havana, attend a...(Read Full Post)