Obama does the tango, the sisters fight him in the Supreme Court

Yes, it's okay for President and Mrs. Obama to do a little tango in Buenos Aires.  Every man and his wife should enjoy an evening of tango plus an excellent dish of Argentine beef and wine.  I did not vote for him, but it's okay for the man to enjoy a little tango! At the same time, life is a bit unfair for the president of the U.S.  I mean, reporters will not ask me or you about our ISIS policy when we are enjoying an evening of tango with our wonderful wives.  Unfortunately, they do ask the president of the U.S., especially when he is doing the wave with Raúl Castro or can't put forward anti-ISIS policies after all these years. It does not get any better when we see a split-TV image of Obama doing the tango and "the sisters" at the Supreme Court fighting abortion. In my opinion, the sisters have a case against Obamacare because this is about religious liberty, one of the reasons this nation was...(Read Full Post)