Satellite images show suspicious activity at Iran top-secret military base

New satellite images of Iran's top-secret military base at Parchin show evidence that they may have been trying to hide past nuclear activity and could be constructing another facility inside a nearby mountain. The Daily Beast has a report by Stratfor that suggests that Iran may be violating the nuclear agreement recently signed with the West. Forecasting site says the images published Monday show Iran building a tunnel into a heavily guarded mountain complex inside the Parchin facility, some 20 miles southeast of Tehran, while also working to erase signs of alleged high-explosive testing at another area on the site. “We’re not saying they’re cheating on the nuclear deal,” Stratfor analyst Sim Tack told The Daily Beast. “The images show Iran was going through the motions to hide what it’s done before, and it is still…developing facilities that the IAEA may or may not have access to,” Tack...(Read Full Post)