Reading Trump's signs

Donald Trump's supporters are relentless in their efforts to convince me (chairman) to rethink my Conservative Campaign Committee's endorsement of Ted Cruz.  Trump supporters are angry at me and attempt to portray Cruz as the spawn of Satan.  I have not responded in kind.  I am not angry at my brother and sister patriots who support Trump, nor do I spend time trashing Trump.  My focus is on explaining why Ted Cruz is the best hope for America. However, as we said in my youth, I understand where Trump supporters are coming from.  Trump supporters are petrified of losing this presidential election.  These patriots believe that Trump is the only Republican palatable enough to the masses to defeat the Democrat nominee.  They are wrong. When touted boldly and confidently, articulated in commonsense, easy to understand terms, conservatism connects with the human spirit.  We instinctively know that it is best for all.  It is...(Read Full Post)