Lefty pressure building on Hillary to release transcripts of talks to Goldman Sachs

Hillary Clinton’s pose as a critic of Wall Street is running into the awkward fact that she received millions of dollars in speaking fees from financial industry sources, as well as $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for just three speeches.  She and her campaign are seriously bungling their handling of the issue, making it appear as though she has something to hide.  John Merline of Investor’s Business Daily chronicles the development of the issue. In a video posted on the leftist news site The Intercept in late January, one of Intercept’s reporters asked Clinton if she would release the transcripts of the speeches. Her dismissive response, in which she merely laughed and turn away, has spread across the Internet. That laugh is even worse than her usual dismissive laugh because she ran away. Bernie Sanders also brought it up in a debate weeks ago, but matters have gotten even worse since then. … on Thursday, at an otherwise friendly...(Read Full Post)