Here's why it's so hard to replace SCOTUS justices

In a perfect world, the search to replace Justice Scalia would not be controversial at all.  We'd go out and find some respected judge with good temperament and character, and that is it.  It was that way for a long time. The Founding Fathers understood that the country needed a branch to settle constitutional issues.  It's clear from their writings that they did not want unelected justices with lifetime jobs legislating from the bench.   Unfortunately, the Justices in the Supreme Court are doing too much legislating, from abortion to figuring the meaning of rules written by bureaucrats to rewriting Obamacare to same-sex marriage.  And this is why replacing justices is so controversial, and why some members of the Court hold on forever, waiting for a different president to nominate their replacement.    I agree with Phillip Klein: In modern Washington, appointed bureaucrats can issue...(Read Full Post)