Cruz: Make America great by making her ‘good’ again

Folks, our Conservative Campaign Committee team is still in Nevada campaigning for Ted Cruz.  Despite free coffee in our hotel room, my wife Mary wanted Starbucks (with heavy whipping cream).  I stood in the long line reflecting on Rubio's extremely close second-place finish over Cruz in the South Carolina primary. Trump conservatives have been verbally beating me up pretty good for supporting Ted Cruz.  Frankly, it rolls off my back – not because I am arrogant, but because I know I am right.  My goal is to be God's man in politics.  When my choice is to please God or man, you do the math. Most conservative Trump supporters are suffering from Battered Conservative Syndrome, rallying behind the GOP candidate they believe can win the White House.  If Trump wins the nomination, you will see me on street corners waving signs: “Donald Trump, He's Our Man – If He Can't Do It, No One Can!” Any GOP contender in the...(Read Full Post)