Who will be left after New Hampshire?

With the endorsement of the Manchester Union Leader, I have been waiting to see if Chris Christie will take a jump in the polls in New Hampshire.  The answer, according to the very latest Fox poll, is that he hasn't, down at 5%, though other polls show him up near 10%.  At the moment Iowa looks like Cruz, Trump, and Rubio, and New Hampshire looks like Trump, Rubio, and Cruz. Given that, who will be left after New Hampshire?  I think it's pretty clear that Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, who are betting on Iowa, will be gone before New Hampshire.  Ben Carson should be gone after Iowa, but he may hold on until South Carolina, after New Hampshire. I think New Hampshire itself will eliminate anyone (except perhaps Carson) who doesn't come in the top three.  That means I think Jeb Bush will be gone.  He has spent so much money and time in New Hampshire that if he can't come in higher than fourth (currently he's sixth), he will pull...(Read Full Post)