Update: More muscle against Assistant Professor Melissa Click

Slowly, to be sure, but at last some universities and some police departments in university towns are beginning to fight back against students who protest imaginary microaggressions with real illegal macroaggressions.  A few months ago, University of Missouri communications assistant professor Melissa Click communicated her displeasure with student journalists who were videoing her leading a demonstration on campus.  They captured on video her enraged face and uplifted arms as she called out, "I need some muscle over here" to remove the non-protesting students.   The Missouri state legislature discussed firing her. The student videographer filed a complaint with university police.   And now the Columbia, Missouri city prosecutor has charged Click with misdemeanor assault. Well, good.  Precious, fragile students aren't the only ones entitled to a safe space free of microaggressions; indeed, it is...(Read Full Post)