Trump, the king of flip-flopping, accuses Ted Cruz of flip-flopping on ethanol

Donald Trump says that Ted Cruz has flip-flopped on the ethanol mandate, formerly wanting it abolished immediately and now wanting it abolished after a five-year phase-out.  This is hardly a major change of position, but Trump is right that Cruz changed his position on ethanol in 2014 from totally ending the mandate to a gradual phase-out. But 2014 was so long ago that in 2014, Donald Trump was a liberal Democrat.  If Donald Trump wants to catalog flip-flops, he should start with these: 1) Trump has said that the economy "does better under the Democrats than Republicans." 2) He has said that Nancy Pelosi "is the best." 3) He has said that he is "totally pro-choice."  Now he claims to be pro-life. 4) Trump has said, "I'm very liberal when it comes to health care.  I believe in universal health care. ... We need a single-payer plan."  Now he claims he will replace Obamacare with something...(Read Full Post)