So El Chapo is going back to the same prison that he escaped from?

Let's give the Mexican authorities a little credit for capturing El Chapo.  It was a good effort by the Mexican military.  We should point out that Mexican soldiers died over the past few months looking for El Chapo. So the good news is that El Chapo is back in jail.  The bad news is that he's going back to the same prison he already escaped from, according to news reports. My guess is that the Mexican government wants to prove that they can detain El Chapo even if it means going back to the same facility that he escaped from.  Let me tell you how a Mexican friend reacted to the news that he's going back to the same prison: "En serio?" or loosely translated to "seriously?"    President Pena-Nieto has been under fire for El Chapo's escape.  It exposed a major weakness in Mexico's judicial framework.   It distracted the President from his efforts to reform...(Read Full Post)