Race and the deficit not good under Obama

We saw a couple of fascinating stories about the state of the nation.  Unfortunately, President Obama did not mention them when he delivered his State of the Union speech.    On the issue of race relations, half of the country believes that race relations are getting worse, according to Rasmussen Reports: Confidence in race relations in America continues to fall, with hopes for the future at their lowest level yet. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 50% of American Adults now think race relations in this country are getting worse, up from 44% a year ago and 30% as recently as January 2014. Only 20% believe race relations are getting better, a new low that compares to 38% five years ago. Twenty-six percent (26%) say race relations are staying about the same.  The timeline in this survey is interesting.  What happened since January 2014 to make matters worse?  I would say Attorney...(Read Full Post)