Bill Clinton is no Manny Mota

President Clinton is back.  He is campaigning in New Hampshire, and the media reaction is interesting.  What we are hearing is something along the lines of  Manny Mota  (the great baseball pinch hitter) coming out of the dugout to drive in the winning run for the team. We can tell you that Manny Mota had 150 pinch hits.  However, where is the evidence that Bill Clinton drives in or wins elections for Democrats? Let's take a look: 1) Yes, he was elected and re-elected president.  And that's no small achievement, by the way.  However, he did it with a little bit of help.  In 1992, Clinton got 43% of the popular vote in a three-way race. 2) In 1994, it was President Clinton who destroyed the Democratic Party between Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.  The 1994 defeat was Bill Clinton's defeat.  He brought down Governor Ann Richards in Texas and Governor Mario Cuomo in New York.  He cost the...(Read Full Post)