A good night for the GOP

Did anyone watch Mr. Trump last night?  I didn't, because I found the GOP debate extremely interesting.  It reminded me of how strong the field is, or what we used to say last summer before Mr. Trump turned everything into a show about him. My scorecard looks like this:   Senator Rubio was smooth but not slick.  I love the way he talks about the U.S.  He is not rattled on his feet, and his focus on national security is very smart at this time.  By the way, a Luntz focus group liked him, too. Senator Cruz is very intelligent, but the brainy kid often stays home on Prom Night.  In other words, I don't see him connecting with a general election audience as well as he does in a primary. Senator Paul had a good night, but he lost me months ago with his libertarian stuff.    Governor Christie was excellent.  I love the way that he speaks directly to the audience.  It's effective.  He grows on...(Read Full Post)