GOP Virginia delegate targets potential Trump voters in radio interview

During a Christmas Eve radio interview, Virginia House of Delegates representative Imad Afif "David" Ramadan (R-87th) spouted what sounds like downright anti-American rhetoric under the guise of a Republican Party "creed." Ramadan told John Fredericks that if Virginia voters do not want to follow the new rule set by elected leaders of the party by refusing to sign a GOP Statement of Intent on Super Tuesday in the state's 2016 open presidential primary, poll workers can just "send them home."   At one point in the interview, Ramadan says it's "our election for our  party" and compares keeping non-Republicans from voting to illegal immigration.  If you are independent, by definition, you  have "no  privilege and no right to vote within the party." Not only does Ramadan fail to understand that Virginia has an open, nonpartisan primary, but he contradicts a statement posted on the Republican Party of Virginia website on December 17. The executive director, John...(Read Full Post)