The Castro regime and business

Last December, many welcomed President Obama's opening to Cuba as an opportunity to bring prosperity to the island.  It went something like this: American tourists will spend money in Cuba, and freedom will blossom.  The other version went like this: our past approach has not worked, so let's try something new.  Another one went like this: Cubans will talk to Americans and demand multi-party elections and a free press. Sorry, but U.S.-Cuba relations have not worked out as planned or dreamed.  There are two big reasons.  The first reason is that the Castro regime is not about to relax political control.  On the contrary, there has been a rise in repression, and more and more dissidents find it difficult to express themselves.  The second reason is that the Castro regime wants to keep control of the cash flow.  This is from Fox News Latino: The Cuban government, Lee said, still clearly “prefers to channel all business...(Read Full Post)