Senate demands answers from DHS on leaked docs that show administration defiance of amnesty ban

We covered the story earlier this week of documents leaked from DHS showing the agency looking to circumvent the injunction issued by a federal judge in Texas that prohibited the federal government from implementing the president's immigration executive orders.  The agency prepared several options, which included changing a regulation that would have allowed the president to issue millions of green cards. That leak caught the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who now want answers from DHS about what they're up to. Washington Examiner: The group, led by Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, called for DHS to explain the origin and status of internal memos publishedMonday. "Granting employment authorization to illegal immigrants under the proposed scheme would accomplish, by different means, the de factolegalization of the population intended to be legalized by the enjoined DAPA program," Republicans charged. The agency's...(Read Full Post)