How many in the newsrooms are in denial about Obamacare?

By any objective measurement, Obamacare is a rather big failure.  We will still have people uninsured after the fifth year.  Enrollment is way down.  Premiums and deductibles are up.  Can you find an employer who likes it? It is a mess, as Rich Lowry wrote: Enrollment is falling short. The Obama administration projects that it will have roughly 10 million people on the state and federal exchanges by the end of next year, a staggering climb-down from prior expectations. The Congressional Budget Office had predicted that there would be roughly 20 million enrollees. If the administration is to be believed, enrollment will only increase about another million next year from its current 9 million and only sign up about a quarter of the eligible uninsured. Premiums are rising. Not everywhere, but steeply in some states. Indiana is down 12 percent, but Minnesota is up 50 percent. Health care expert Robert Laszewski points out that it’s the insurers with...(Read Full Post)