Some Clinton allies in NH see the state as a lost cause

With Senator Bernie Sanders holding a 14-point lead in the New Hampshire primary polls – a lead that shows no sign of shrinking – several longtime Clinton political operatives and fundraisers in the state are telling her that it's time to "cut bait." Clinton's strategy in New Hampshire is failing, and some of her closest advisers believe that it would be useless to pour additional resources into a lost cause. Politico: Despite confidence emanating from the campaign’s paid leadership team that Clinton is well positioned with more than four months to go before the primary, this circle of informal advisers is whispering about more aggressively looking beyond New Hampshire after a summer that saw her polling advantage evaporate. These confidantes are not only granting the possibility that Sanders could win here: they see it as a near-certainty, and in some cases wonder about the usefulness of flooding the state with precious...(Read Full Post)