Romney and Obama strategist come together on why Trump shouldn't win

In an hour-long podcast last Friday, David Axelrod chatted with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  The conversation ranged through family illnesses, Romneycare, Paul Ryan, and most notably why Romney lost in 2012. Obama's hatchet man suggested that having a moderate, progressive RINO like Romney trying to appease the "anti-government populists" of his party was akin to "walking the gauntlet." Axelrod also said he sees the same thing happening with Donald Trump, whose hard-line rhetoric is threatening to derail another Republican's chances of winning in the general election.  Romney agreed, stating, "I think Donald Trump has said a number of things which are hurtful and I think will be potentially problematic either in the primary or in the general election." Look how Romney and Axelrod have come together to make a plea to voters not to elect Trump.  Did Romney forget he failed to unseat the worst president in...(Read Full Post)