Club for Growth and RNC launch pre-debate strike at Trump

Coincidences abound in the political world. A day before the CNN Republican debate the rabidly anti-Trump Club for Growth, released two 30-second spots attacking the billionaire candidate. On the same day, the Maryland Republican Party announced Ben Carson as the winner of its month-long straw poll. 930 respondents weighed in through social media, direct mail and at the Maryland State Fair to put Carson over Trump at 31.8%. Club for Growth shelled out a cool million to take down Trump before the debate. David McIntosh, their president, said the real estate tycoon won't be able to "hide from his record" or "things he said... Trump is the most liberal candidate on fiscal policy in the whole field, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders." This one-two punch to knock out Trump, comparing Trump to socialist Sanders and a last-minute poll positioning runner-up Carson to overtake the Donald, could backfire. Trump may be a lot of things but he's...(Read Full Post)