Ben Carson's Strange Answer

Presidential candidate Ben Carson's latest comments on the Michael Brown shooting defy logic. Following a Friday morning appearance with Missouri Lt. Governor Peter  Kinder and Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, Carson was asked by a St Louis Post-Dispatch reporter if he was in Officer Darren Wilson's shoes, would he have shot Michael Brown.  “It’s hard to say. I probably, knowing who he was, I probably just would have arrested him.” Carson also said he would have waited for backup.  According to the official report from the Department of Justice, Wilson was waiting for backup when the 'gentle giant, ' still in bully mode from robbing a convenience store and roughing up a clerk, attacked the law enforcement officer inside his car. Does Carson know the eyewitness accounts claiming Brown was surrendering with his hands up, turned out to be false?   A preponderance of evidence in the year-old Brown case...(Read Full Post)