Where is the media demanding transparency on the Iran nuclear deal?

Sorry but this is beyond media bias. This is malfeasance, if there is such a word for lousy journalism. The Obama administration has negotiated a deal with Iran that no one has read, specially the side agreements that could be vital to our ability to enforce it. Where is the media?  They are doing "the hope and change" or chasing Donald Trump from one microphone to the other. They're all caught up in the "Carson said this" and "Trump said that" rather than forcing our political class to get serious about this deal. The media should be screaming and demanding information on how this deal is treating Israel, our ally in the region.   Unfortunately, Israel has lost big, according to Charles Krauthammer: Secretary of State John Kerry has darkly warned Israel to not even think about a military strike on the nuclear facilities of a regime whose leader said just Wednesday that Israel will be wiped out within 25 years. The Israelis...(Read Full Post)