The Hive is Restive

The buzz from the Hive grows louder.  The bees are nervous, confused.  At the Hive's heart the Queen sends conflicting signals, because she, herself, is uncertain, anxious.   For over twenty years, following the lead of the New York Times, the Hive has swarmed and attacked any who sought to destroy the Clintons.  But as the flagrant corruption of the Clinton Foundation during Hillary's time as Secretary of State becomes more and more glaringly obvious, the Times, The Queen of the Liberal Hive, is having second thoughts.  Thus, the Biden boomlet. The Queen no doubt knows more than we do.  For her to turn on Hillary, what's coming must be really bad. The Queen's Drones - the Washington Post and the networks - are sensing her unease, and, as they invariably do, are mimicking it.  When the WaPo breaks a story on the FBI investigation of the email mess, they are demonstrating an affinity for the read on Hillary...(Read Full Post)