Peggy Hubbard exposes hypocrisy of #blacklivesmatter

Peggy Hubbard is a former IRS worker who made a video asking why the Black Lives Matter movement glorifies teen thugs whose lifestyle choices bring them into deadly conflict with law enforcement while ignoring deaths like that of a 9-year-old black girl, Jamyla Bolden, in Ferguson, Missouri, who died from a stray bullet while she was doing her homework. Hubbard’s point is that nobody knows who Jamyla Bolden is, but everyone knows who Michael Brown is: the type of individual she calls a thug, who committed a strong-armed robbery of a Ferguson convenience store before assaulting police officer Darren Wilson, who was found by Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s racially charged Department of Justice to have justifiably used lethal force in defending himself against Brown’s attack. It was Michael Brown’s death, based on the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie knocked down by the testimony of multiple black witnesses, that fueled the Black Lives Matter...(Read Full Post)