Keep an eye on the Mexican economy

For a couple of years, Mexico and President Peña-Nieto have received praise for reforms and economic growth.  To be fair, I praised those reforms, too. "No más," as that famous boxer once said.    According to a new story in The Washington Post, Mexico's economy has halted sharply: Mexico has been held up as one of the economic bright spots among emerging market economies, as Peña Nieto’s government has pushed through constitutional overhauls aimed at making major industries such as oil and telecommunications more competitive. But in recent months, Mexican newspapers have kept running banner headlines of economic gloom: The value of the peso has plummeted to record lows against the dollar, growth rates have shrunk to dwarfish size, and the only things that seem to be getting bigger are the poverty rate and the gap between rich and poor. “With all this financial volatility we have seen...(Read Full Post)