U.S. flag up in Havana, more dissidents down

The Ladies in White ('Las damas en blanco") are an amazing story.  They would be big Hollywood favorites if only their target were some pro-U.S. right-wing dictator like Pinochet in Chile.  These ladies march every Sunday calling for the release of their husbands, their sons, and other men from the political prisons. This is how Berta Soler, one of their leaders, welcomed the story of the U.S. flag going up in Havana, as reported by Belen Marty: “With or without the embassy, the Cuban government will continue to do whatever they want.” These words from Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White democratic opposition, have been echoed by dissidents across the island and abroad. As she and others have documented, the Cuban flag may now fly over the embassy in Washington, DC, but the regime has continued with heavy-handed arrests against peaceful human-rights activists. It was more "in your face...(Read Full Post)