Planned Parenthood's chop shops

One reason it is so difficult to recover stolen cars is that many, if not most, are stolen not to be sold intact, but rather to be taken to what are called chop shops, below-the-radar auto body shops that surreptitiously dismantle these vehicles, stripping away every conceivable part that may have resale value in the auto aftermarket.  An automobile carefully dissected provides far more value from all those separate parts than it could ever have in its whole form. And sadly, such appears to be true with unborn babies as well.  For the past two weeks we have been serially exposed to videos of various officials in the Planned Parenthood organization, some physicians and some not, who have been captured for all time, blithely discussing the means and details of how a fetus delivered into their hands through a government-sanctioned abortion program can be carved up, dissected, and dismantled, just like those cars in the chop shops, and for the very same purpose: to be...(Read Full Post)