Governor Nikki Haley lectures Trump and Americans to watch their 'tone'

When asked about presidential candidate Donald Trump's remarks on illegal immigrants from Mexico, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley told Meet the Press's Chuck Todd she understands Trump's "frustration" but that he needs to watch his "tone."  Haley went on to say "we" all need to be respectful of each other and nix the "harsh" language.  Offensive talk "hurts people," and it's "just not necessary." She also said we need candidates who unite rather than divide us.  On this point, Haley should be pleased.  Trump is definitely uniting a lot of folks.  His Facebook page has 2.2 million likes compared to Jeb Bush's  218,000.  Trump is galvanizing the true conservative base like no other candidate in the Republican field. From Sunday's Meet the Press: I think we've got 16 candidates. I'm looking forward to debates. I'm looking forward...(Read Full Post)