Scandal-Ridden Mayor Hosts Ben Carson in Sacramento

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s past is riddled with misuse of federal funds, fines, serious allegations of  sexual misconduct with minors, and more recently failing to file timely reports in 25 cases of donations made to non-profits. But that didn't stop presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson from appearing with Johnson at the Guild Theater this past Monday. Carson was a featured speaker at the mayor's black empowerment forum, Indivizible.  Johnson launched  Indivizible in 2011 to “ensure the African-American community becomes one of the most powerful political and economic forces in our country." The former NBA point guard is a power player who counts the Obamas as close friends. After investigating Johnson for ripping off Americorps funds to the tune of $845,018.75 in 2008, Gerald Walpin, an inspector general for the agency which oversees Americorps,  referred Johnson for  "criminal and civil prosecution"...(Read Full Post)