Insanity, liberal style

Not long ago, there was a TV show called Love, American Style.  I wasn't a big fan, but some scenes were funny.  It was like The Love Boat without the ship. In the last couple of days, we've learned about Insanity, Liberal Style, and it's not TV.  It is reality brought to parents by schoolteachers and administrators who have no respect for parents or their wishes. Let's go to Minnesota, where a school principal decided to take youngsters to an "adult shop" for a little introduction to sex toys.  Really?  I want some school administrator to teach my kids about sex toys?  Wonder what genius came up with that idea! The parents are not happy, as we read in news reports: Parents of students at a small Minneapolis private school are demanding the director resign after she led a field trip to a shop that sells sex toys and adult novelties. “We are not happy with what happened,” said Steve...(Read Full Post)