Farm couple sued for discrimination say they were 'set up'

A family who own a farm in upstate New York that hosts weddings on occassion was successfully sued by a lesbian couple when the owners said that their Christian beliefs would be violated if they hosted a ceremony for that particular couple. The court awarded the plaintiffs $3,000 for "pain and suffering."  But the farm couple – Cynthia and Robert Gifford – say that the lesbians recorded their conversation, demonstrating that they knew in advance that their request to have the farm host the wedding would be turned down. How can there be "pain and suffering" if the plaintiffs knew full well the outcome of their request? Washington Times: In a brief filed Thursday, attorneys for Cynthia and Robert Gifford argue that the state’s ruling violates the First Amendment, but they also criticize the same-sex couple for what they describe as an “orchestrated set-up.” “The evidence, however, indicates that...(Read Full Post)