Doomed to fail: Egypt to teach 'moderate' Islam

Last January, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi shocked the Islamic world by telling a group of religious scholars and teachers that Islam must reform.  Since then, he has tasked the center of Islamic intellecutal and doctrinal thought, Al-Azhar, to teach "moderate" Islam in its 9,000 schools throughout Egypt. Not unexpectedly, it isn't working out so well. Reuters: Al-Azhar's teachers, preachers, and researchers have so far introduced a few small changes. They include tweaking text books and setting up an online monitoring center to track militant statements on social media so the institute can better refute them. But there is no detailed reform program yet, and Al-Azhar officials openly acknowledge the magnitude of the challenge ahead. To be successful, Sisi will need to achieve what many before him have not: balancing tough security measures with education to encourage a more moderate version of Islam. Past experiences...(Read Full Post)
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