Will the international left call on the Castros to give up their millions?

We've reported before about the Castro family's capitalist empire, also known as Castro Inc. In fact, the Castro family fortune, a combination of their total control of the Cuban economy and the stolen property of U.S. and Cuban citizens, is estimated at over U.S. $500 million.     Yes, I said millions, or "millones" in Spanish for all of the lefties in Latin America still invested in the fairy tale about the two bearded guerrillas who saved the island. We now have further information about the Castro fortune.  It comes from a new book properly titled The Double Life of Fidel Castro by Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, a former bodyguard.    It reveals a Castro known to us Cubans and Cuban Americans who know the truth, but not one that most of the sympathetic left, Michael Moore, or U.S. college professors will recognize. This is a bit from the book, as reported at The New York Post: To Cubans, Fidel Castro presents himself...(Read Full Post)