Who will replace Marco Rubio in the Senate?

After four years in the Senate, Marco Rubio, no doubt feeling he has accomplished everything he set out to in Congress, has aimed his sights higher, to the Presidency. Or, more pragmatically, to the Vice-Presidency; if an Anglo gets nominated, Rubio will be very high on the VP list; of course, if a Hispanic like Cruz or a virtual Hispanic like Bush gets nominated, then all bets are off. But in the mean time there will be an opening in 2016 for Rubio's senate seat, since he had decided not to run for two seats at the same time, like Rand Paul. And the contours of that primary race are beginning to come into focus. The Republican race for Florida’s soon-to-be open Senate seat has the potential makings of a primary bloodbath, pitting the establishment wing of the party and insurgent movement conservative groups against each other as they prepare to pick sides between Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Rep. Ron DeSantis. “Carlos Lopez-Cantera is not a...(Read Full Post)