The Democrats could use a Rand Paul

To say the least, I have a lot of honest disagreements with Rand Paul, such as his latest statement that hawks in our party created ISIS.  His opposition to the Patriot Act sounds a bit theoretical to me. On the other hand, I like his ideas on the economy and his willingness to make us think about this or that. I am not opposed to having such a figure on our stage. Frankly, the Democrats could use someone like Rand Paul, or a candidate who challenges the party elites and positions.  You have to go back to Senator Lieberman in 2004 to find a major Democrat who was willing to disagree with the party on major issues, such as the Iraq War back then. What if we had a Democrat presidential candidate who would say stuff like this? Hey guys, the intentions were good, but the welfare state is not working.  Just look around! Hey guys, Baltimore is about lawlessness, not racism. Hey guys, it's the absence of fathers, not the presence of police...(Read Full Post)