Kerry accuses Iran deal opponents of 'hysteria'

Why is John Kerry the most buffoonish, the most inept Secretary of State in US history? 1. He has an enemy identification problem. Specifically, he hates Republicans more than the enemies of the republic. 2. He is a baldfaced liar. 3. He is a naive fool who is clueless about protecting American interests. Please add your own reasons in the comments. Kerry told an Israeli TV station that the US version of what the agreement entails is reality while ignoring what the Iranians, who dispute most of the major talking points Kerry and President Obama have been using to sell the deal, say about it. “There’s a lot of hysteria about this deal. People really need to look at the facts, and they need to look at the science of what is behind those facts,” Kerry told Channel 10 News in a rarely granted interview to an Israeli station. Though Kerry did not mention Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by name, the Israeli leader has...(Read Full Post)