Federal court refuses to lift injunction on implementing immigration orders

In what Texas governor Greg Abbott called "a victory for the Constitution," a federal appeals court in New Orleans refused to lift on injunction preventing the implementation of President Obama's executive orders on immigration.  The injunction was ordered by a federal judge in Texas in February. The three appeals court judges – two Republicans and one Obama Democrat – voted 2-1 against the administration.  The majority opinion had some bad news for the president. The Hill: U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in February slapped a preliminary injunction on the programs to stop them from taking effect while he considered the lawsuit. The Department of Justice fought back in court, asking the 5th Circuit for an emergency stay lifting the order in March. The administration argued the states had no standing to bring the case because the federal government has the sole power to enforce immigration law. Judges Jennifer Elrod and Jerry Smith...(Read Full Post)