Will Obama stand for freedom or shake Castro's hand?

Back in October 1981, President Lopez-Portillo of Mexico put together a "North-South" summit in Cancún, or a meeting between industrialized and third-world nations.  It was intended to promote communications and hopefully more trade. President Reagan made it very clear to Mexico: I stay home if Castro comes! It was a clear signal that President Reagan understood that free markets and the rule of law were fundamental to creating prosperity in the Third World. In the end, Reagan came, and Castro didn't. The meeting was held, and President Reagan made two important points: 1) There is no room in a modern world for despots like Fidel Castro. 2) Meeting one-on-one with the president of the U.S. is not cheap. President Obama will be in Panama in a couple of days, and even The Washington Post is disappointed: PRESIDENT OBAMA’s move to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba in December was supposed to improve...(Read Full Post)