Obama's phony war on ISIS

For eight months, from the beginning of World War II to the Nazi invasion of France in April 1940, neither Britain nor France launched any major combat operations against the Third Reich.  Both nations essentially waited to be attacked until the Germans were ready.  This led to claims that the Allies were involved in a “Phony War” – a war in name only.  No one was going to help the conquered Poles any time soon.  The bill for this Allied lassitude came soon enough, however, and France completely capitulated after only a month-long German campaign. The U.S.-led coalition’s Operation Inherent Resolve bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq has more than a little bit of the Phony War about it.  President Obama, back last summer, promised a bombing campaign of “shock without awe.”  But what we’ve been doing is pinpricks. Ramadi is a huge Iraqi city of inestimable strategic importance to the whole...(Read Full Post)