NYT reporter: Clinton Foundation lied about Bill Clinton meeting with Kazakhstan officials

Jo Becker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times, is no right-winger, and in fact has enjoyed a sterling reputation in media circles. So it’s going to be hard to dismiss her reporting on the tangled web of financial ties between the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton, and the people who benefitted from the sale of 20% of US uranium production capacity (and 50% of potential production) to the Russians. But that story is complicated, something beyond the reach of the low information voter. Something much simpler to grasp is that the Clinton Foundation lied about a key meeting between Bill Clinton and officials in Kazakhstan whose approval was necessary to sell lucrative uranium mining rights to a massive donor to the Clinton Foundation. Speaking to Fox News on camera, Ms. Becker lays out the lie that was told to her. This video is part of a preview of tonight’s 10 PM EDT Fox News program on what I have labeled “Hillary’s...(Read Full Post)