A smug Tavis Smiley asks Bill O'Reilly how may incidents make a pattern

On Wednesday, talk show host Tavis Smiley debated Bill O'Reilly on  the anti-police movement. Admittedly, Tavis Smiley is alot slicker(and richer) than your garden variety "F***k the police" activists prancing in the streets, shutting down bridges and yelling "black lives matter." But he's spreading the same excrement they are, he just covers it up with a suit, tie and pretty words. Like Obama's former green jobs czar Van Jones, Smiley can go from talking “street" to “elite" without skipping a syllable.  O'Reilly must be enamored of guys like Smiley because the Fox host could have driven a truck through the holes in Smiley's argument. When O'Reilly insisted the majority of law enforcement officers are doing a great job, and cited statistics on black men killed by white police officers, Smiley told him this rationale relegated situations like the Walter Scott shooting in North Charleston to the...(Read Full Post)