The Beck Thing

Candidly, folks, I am uncomfortable with what I am about to say. Like Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment of never speaking badly about a fellow Republican, I never speak out against fellow conservatives. With the Left led by Obama daily assaulting our freedoms, principles and values, the last thing we should be doing is wasting time beating up on each other. Glenn Beck has left the GOP. Unfortunately, he is encouraging conservatives to follow his lead. I love Glenn, but I believe his thinking is a bit off on this; unwise, emotion-driven, and irresponsible. We're all angry and frustrated with the GOP. But a huge election is coming in less than two years. Going for a third party right now will ensure a Democrat far left liberal winning the White House. I realize frustrated conservatives are saying there is not much difference between the Dems and the Republicans. While admittedly not enough of a difference, there is a difference. Beck and other conservative power brokers...(Read Full Post)