Liberal Lawyers: Follow the Money

I have some friends on Facebook who are liberal lawyers whom I periodically get into debates with after I post something that incites them to reflexively respond. The funny thing is that debating them is like shooting fish in a barrel. Their arguments are so old, stale and predictable you can see them coming a mile away. One of their favorite tactics is always pointing to bad behavior to justify bad behavior whenever I point out some kind of misbehavior or worse perpetrated by a Democrat or leftist outside of politics. I always wondered why so many lawyers are liberal and came to the conclusion that their profession is completely derivative of government and that without the government there would be no legal profession. That may be an obvious and simplistic statement but I wonder how many people consider the fact. Lawyers are always the first to start squealing like stuck pigs when conservatives talk about shrinking the size of government and reducing the federal budget. If...(Read Full Post)