Holder and Obama use Ferguson and Selma to further their lie

AG Eric Holder announced that Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the death of Michael Brown.  Holder then ranted about the racism his investigation supposedly uncovered in the Ferguson Police Department.  It made me think of the 1973 TV movie Kojak on the Marcus-Nelson murders.  In the movie, a black youth was arrested, but evidence proved him innocent.  Kojak told the kid that he would be found guilty of something because they had kept him in jail too long and the city had to save face.  The kid replied, "But I didn't do anything wrong!" To further the left's narrative that America's police have it out for young black men, Obama's DOJ had to find the Ferguson Police Department guilty of something.  Folks, I do not believe that the Ferguson police have being doing anything wrong. The Ferguson police have already been forced to endure racial sensitivity training, which I find stomach-turning – a bunch of...(Read Full Post)